Where to Get House Plans Drawn up in Oakville

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Where to Get House Plans Drawn up in Oakville

Placing the future of your home into the hands of someone else can be a stressful and anxious-ridden experience. How do you know that this person, or company, has the skill, experience, knowledge, and connections to do you and your home justice? At Chatsworth Fine Homes, we have been in the business of renovating and building homes for residents in Oakville, and farther afield, for generations, so you can be sure that your home will be placed in knowing and trusting hands! If you are looking to have house plans drawn up, considered hiring our expert team for superior results.

Your Vision

If you have a vision in mind for your new home build, we want to hear it! As we hold our customer’s satisfaction above all else, we strive to bring open communication and a great relationship to every project. We will listen to all of your personal preferences and tastes, using them to create a beautiful and wholly personal house plan that will suit all of your needs and wants.

If you are unsure about the end aesthetic, you are going for, no need to worry, as our contractors and designers have the skill, experience, and eye for rendering personal and luxurious home plans for all of our Oakville clients and beyond!

Our Skills

The founder and owner of Chatsworth Fine Homes, Fil Capuano first began his dream of creating elegant buildings when he started his apprenticeship in the United Kingdom back in the 1970s. Spurred on by his father and uncle who were also in the construction business, he sought out the traditional ways of building to hone his skills and learn from the best. While he worked and learned through constructing Grand Victorian Estate homes, his awe and appreciation of the artistry and expertise of the masters before him inspired him to bring that level of craftsmanship back to Canada.

Your Satisfaction

Since its establishment, Fil’s company has grown into a world-class business, providing these highly-sought-after skills, and diverse knowledge base to every single one of our clients in the Oakville area and beyond!

Therefore, if you are looking for an expert and experienced company to draw up your Oakville house plans and execute a successful build in a professional manner, consider hiring our team at Chatsworth Fine Homes. Please contact us online or by phone (905-337-1112) to talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff to get your project underway right away!