Renovation with Chatsworth Fine Homes

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Renovation with  Chatsworth Fine Homes

Thinking about a home renovation with Chatsworth Fine Homes?

Renovating your home can be a messy and stressful situation. But with Chatsworth Fine Homes, we want to take the chaos out of the whole process, and leave you with the beautifully rendered finished product.

Read on to learn more about undertaking a renovation with our company!

From Start to Finish

From the conception of your renovation design to the completion of the work and unveiling of the final product, Chatsworth Fine Homes can help you every step of the way. Our building team can answer any and all questions you may have throughout the process. We will provide you with an in-depth quote analysis for your project, so you know exactly how much your renovation will cost, including a contingency budget.

Looking at the state of your house before the demolition and imagining the final design can be hard for some. Chatsworth Fine Homes can change the way you deal with your home renovation. With 3D modelling, you will be able to see the finished product before the refurbishment even begins! This process allows you to raise any questions or make any possible changes to your design prior to the demolition, solving problems before they arise.

Wiggle Room

Whether it’s a little wiggle room in your renovation timeline or budget- giving yourself leeway is essential. Our team will do everything in their power to keep your project on time and within budget, but when undertaking substantial renovations, it can be hard to account for every problem or building variable before the remodelling even begins. Therefore it is necessary to think ahead; before repairs are underway, it is important to scrutinize your budget and timeline for any possible snags or setbacks.

When undergoing a renovation with Chatsworth Fine Homes, especially in older homes, we suggest a contingency fund of between 15 and 20% of the total budget. This reserve is to allow for some freedom to adjust for any problems encountered throughout the process. Planning to have some leeway with financial and timing constraints could save you a world of headaches in the long run.

Chatsworth Fine Homes is happy to take the mess out of demolitions- and provide you with a clean, finished product. But don’t just take our word for it! Have a look at what our past clients had to say or contact one of our team members for further assistance.