Quality Home Design in Oakville

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Quality Home Design in Oakville

Making a house into a home takes time, patience, and style while keeping in mind personal preference. Adding some oomph to your design helps to give your home that little extra je ne sais quoi. If you are looking for trendy and practical design choices for your new home, we can help. Quality home design is easy to come by when Oakville residents enlist the help of Chatsworth Fine Homes for all of their building needs.

Expansive Flooring

Previous decades of home design have bared witness to some pretty interesting trends. Wall to wall shag carpet, even in the bathroom, might have been an acceptable stylistic choice back then, but modern designs have thrown that mess out the window, along with vinyl flooring.

Recent trends have been focusing on the luxurious sensibility of bare floors flowing throughout the house. Make your floor an eye-catching aspect in any room with the numerous gorgeous finishes on the market today.

Hardwoods, ceramic and porcelain tiles, travertine stone, and marble flooring are all excellent choices for possible designs, depending on your personal preference and style, but leave the shag carpet where its supposed to be, in the past. Unite beauty and elegance with practically by using resilient flooring and add a crisp and modern touch to your home design, secure in the knowledge that it will last.

Hidden Details

It is the home’s secret details that bring the most appreciation and entertainment to family and friends when they visit a newly built house. Chatsworth Fine Homes would like to help Oakville residents blend elegance and convenience into their new home design.

Now more than ever, innovative technology is being housed inside beautifully rendered stylistic designs. With wireless and remote access controls being implemented into the latest house gadgets, it is technology that has become the hidden luxury detail to add to any modern home design.

Hide that flat screen TV behind paneling, and let it pop out and wow guests at a push of the button. Seamlessly blend your refrigerator, into your design as it conveniently fits behind beautiful wooden cabinetry. However you would like to incorporate these hidden gems into your kitchen design, we can help!

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