……Being a first is always an honour, a notable event . Our new custom built home recently completed in Oakville is Metro’s first NET ZERO ready home under the Canadian Home Builders AsWestnetzero 234x300 - NET ZERO - OAKVILLE'S FIRST as seen in WEST OF THE CITYsociation’s Net Zero  program. West of the City magazine featured the home in its latest issue. A NET ZERO home consumes far less energy than its code built counterpart, in fact this home was tested by an independent third party and verified to need a mere 40% of the energy of the same house built under the current code. Add to that the further comfort aspects of a NET ZERO home, a stringent air exchange system, a sealed shell keeping out those uncomfortable drafts and you’ll begin to appreciate what a high performance home is, besides doing your part in the climate change fight!

NET ZERO is not a buzzword but a registered mark of the Canadian Home Builder’s Association. It provides a guarantee that the home has been built and tested to meet their rigorous standards. Call us to  discuss your new home and how we can bring your dreams to reality using NET ZERO building.

See the article in West of the City ( link below) and Watch for our two new NET ZERO custom homes beginning soon in Oakville