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Today our blog discusses home renovations in Oakville and provides some insights if you are thinking of a renovation project. As Oakville expands northward to its outer limits the supply of housing becomes scarcer in a much sought-after town and the aging inventory of houses are increasingly ready for renovation.

So, things to consider when deciding if you should do a home renovation or, as many are doing, knock down and build new….

If you are thinking of a home renovation, Oakville’s building Department will not require you to upgrade much of the existing that remains largely untouched. In a new build, everything must comply with latest codes. For instance, in a home renovation you can keep the existing electrical, gas and water service. This can be costly to replace as a full replacement would require going onto the street and that gets expensive. (talking $10’s of thousands) In the old days people automatically upgraded a 100 amp to a 200 amp service. Now with LED lights and energy star fixtures these upgrades become unnecessary. Similarly, with the gas service, if your home renovation is in Oakville which is a relatively temperate heating zone any upgrades to insulation and windows will likely offset the energy used by the additional space you add on, so the gas service can remain.

Building new comes with its complexities that can often be avoided with a renovation. Ministry of Labour regulations insist that excavations be safe. With increased enforcement gone are the days when you could dig a deep hole and have the basement built very close to the lot line without engineered shoring. And that engineered shoring now required in many new projects carries a hefty price tag.

So, you are settled on a home renovation in Oakville and there are many mature areas with aging bungalows that beckon the renovators hammer. So now the planning part…… at Chatsworth Fine Homes we hear many clients asking the questions and wants / needs….

⦁ I’d like to upgrade the kitchen.
⦁ I would like new windows, what’s the best buy?
⦁ The house is drafty can we make it more air tight?
⦁ What will the payback be if I add insulation?
⦁ Will I get my money back when I come to sell?
⦁ If I’m thinking of resale what are the areas I should spend on?

All interesting questions………

In a recent study by Avid Ratings. Some big items for a home renovation and/or new build were:

More storage, a second master and a separate lockable “in-law” suite. Energy efficiency also rated highly as an article by ENERQUALITY points out, quoting a Calgary Herald story:

“Beyond that, results showed a common thread, with many respondents going green. Five of the top-10 items were related to energy efficiency. This includes, ranked from highest to lowest, high-efficiency windows, energy-efficient appliances, an overall energy-efficient home, an HRV (heat recovery ventilator)-ERV (energy recovery ventilator) Air Exchange, and certification by a designated program, such as Energy Star, Built Green, and EnerGuide. This is the first-year certification by a designated program has been part of the top-10 preferences.”

See article here: http://www.enerquality.ca/2018/04/30/homebuyers-want-certified-homes-chba-avid-ratings/?utm_source=May+2018+Builder+Bulletin&utm_campaign=EnerQuality&utm_medium=email

If you are considering a home renovation in Oakville, call us at Chatsworth Fine Homes. We can help you sort through the maze of choices and help you make wise decisions in your next renovation.