High performance energy efficient homes….HVAC show and Oakville Net Zero

We announced in an earlier blog that we had begun Oakville’s first NET ZERO registered home with our partner company Oak Harbour Developments. This project located on Westdale Road is now in foundation stage and we’ll be keeping you posted on the progress.

Today we want to touch on one of the forerunners to our Westdale NET ZERO  home, our award winning Burgundy project. It attracted much attention as it was being built and continues to do so. Bruce Nagy, a proponent of all things green in construction, featured our project in his recent article in Plumbing and HVAC magazine, released for the latest Plumbing and HVAC Show in Toronto.  Despite the Ontario Building Code’s aggressive changes demanding higher performance homes our Burgundy project, completed in 2014, still exceeds the code standards by a long shot. Read Bruce’s article here………hvacimage 300x169 - High performance energy efficient homes....HVAC show and Oakville Net Zero