Custom home improvements in the Burlington area

homeimprovements - Custom home improvements in the Burlington area

Utilize Dead Space

The attic is typically one of the most underused spaces in the entire home.  Take advantage of it by turning it into an office, home theatre, guest bedroom, or rec area. Add a bed or sofa, fix the walls and you’ll have another inviting area.  Under a staircase is another dead space, and can be transformed into a bookcase or storage room.  Add a wine rack in the kitchen, add towel racks in the laundry room, don’t be afraid.

Kitchen Design

U-Shaped layouts are great for larger kitchens as they help to maximize counter space and functionality. For smaller kitchens with limited space, try having the counter and storage space placed on the same wall as the appliances. Single wall design helps the room appear to be more organized. Always have a vision in mind when remodeling your dream kitchen in Burlington.

Wall Treatment

Feel free to use different wall schemes for each room. You have no obligation to keep every room the same tone and mood. Play with your options: wood paneling, wallpaper, drywall, fabric, have fun with it! Fabric panels can add creativity and boost any colour theme. Custom patterned panels and intricately textured panels can also add a funk to any room.


One of the most expensive rooms to remodel, bathrooms play a pivotal role in whether or not a home sells in the Burlington market.  There’s more to consider than just porcelain bathtubs and floor tiles nowadays.  For frequently used bathrooms, consider a flooring solution that has special grout, as it prevents popping and cracking on the floors.  Typically, lighter materials are better for upstairs bathrooms, with heavier materials (stone, cast iron, etc.) being fit for the downstairs bathrooms.


Most people are wasting their garage space. If you’re not regularly in their fiddling with something, why not remodel it into a rec. room or extra bedroom? Some new flooring and updated walls can make a world of difference.

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