Cold Weather Concrete

As the winter sets in early this year in Southern Ontario our project building another custom home in  Oakville requires some extra care! The main floor is a composite poured concrete floor system, curing and cold weather measures need particular attention. Everyone knows that care has to be taken in cold weather when pouring concrete but what isn’t well known is that cold weather can be a help to concrete curing! In the heat of summer additional stresses are placed on concrete. Keeping concrete moist when evaporation rates are high and controlling temperature  become a challenge. As concrete curing is actually a chemical reaction called “hydration” concrete actually gives off heat as it cures ( for you science buffs it called an exothermic reaction) so despite cooler temperatures, with additional heat and appropriate tarping concrete can be maintaIMG 3241 300x225 - Cold Weather Concreteined moist and at the correct temperature assuring a quality end product.

Mix control is also an essential part of the equation  so using a CSA certified plant that controls the concrete mix design and quality and dosing of admixtures is essential. One of our favourites is Dufferin Concrete. In colder months accelerators and admixtures are used to bring concrete to the required strength quickly so it can properly resist freezing forces ensuring a long lasting quality product!