The Process

Our pledge, Our process, Your experience

chatsworth crest - The ProcessA home with the Chatsworth name on it carries with it the assurance that our team of seasoned professionals have paid great attention to each aspect of the home ensuring the results your home deserves. Since our company’s inception we have stayed true to our founding principles and the age old traditions of Master Builders before us. Striving for excellence in every home, labouring with the best artisans and only accepting it when it measures up to our expectations. This ensures each home then is an Enduring Uncompromising Masterpiece

Your Home is as unique as your personality. At the heart of it your Home is an expression of who you are…and as such every Chatsworth build is a sacred trust.
This commitment to professionalism in our craft still recognizes and includes your needs through each step in your journey of discovery.  Our goal is that while we craft your home, you, our client will not only find the end result very fulfilling, satisfying and pleasure-able but the experience in the journey to be equally satisfying, enjoyable and fun!

As the journey continues and you grow in your new home with your family, our goal is that you will keep discovering some of the hidden delights of your home. We view this whole experience  as a journey, an adventure, as part of your life story, something special and magical to be treasured. A house reveals something about the spirit of the owners, much as one’s fashion choices tell part of the story of the wearer, It intrigues, stirs passions and  tells something of the “who” that is behind this place you will call HOME.

Into the future

Many of our clients are the doers of the world forging ahead and creating their story as they globe trot or as they find themselves in their work-a-day world closer to home. Wherever they are we are proud to be a part of our clients stories, providing them not only with a home that is a restorative haven to relax and recharge with their loved ones but a legacy and store of wealth for their family’s future. In listening carefully to our clients we are constantly inspired, redefined and challenged.

The Chatsworth team’s latest ambition is to raise the bar even higher when it comes to carbon footprint, energy consumption and green building, further honing our skills and technical prowess to keep ahead in our ever changing environment whilst staying true to the founding principles of our craft.