Testimonials | 表扬信

“Chatsworth, had been introduced to me by our architect Bill Hicks in addition to 3 other prospective Builders for our new home in Oakville. From the initial stages of the proposal, Chatsworth stood apart from the others, providing significantly more detailed quotes then all other builders. The level of sub-contractor quotes included, helped give me perspective to the detailed approach, as well as helping give comfort that the team had multiple relationships required to make our build a success. This was our first new home construction, and so we had more questions and concerns about how all the steps and stages would work. Fil from the beginning showed us confidence as well as a level of organization and planning that helped ensure we knew what to expect in addition to what was happening through-out the entire process. I completed 3 reference calls which all provided comfort that the level of detail will match my level of interest, and when problems arise the team manages those by providing solutions, and shouldering the issues.

Jeff Park




“ Fil’s qualities, chief among them was his honest approach… he was readily available on his cell phone… I am very glad to say we were actually under budget on the final built… our home was approximately a month ahead of schedule and approximately 5% below the initial budget. Minor issues of after-completion care were very quickly assessed and addressed by Fil himself… it was not lost on me how quickly he responded and the minor issues that were not trivialized and addressed very thoroughly and very quickly, and I may add at no extra cost. I have no hesitation in recommending Fil Capuano and his team at Chatsworth to build any home.”

      Tajedin Getahun, MD

“Fil的品质,其中最主要的是他的诚实的态度…他的电话告诉我…他们是诚实的,我很高兴地说其实我们是在预算内最终建成了我们的新家,并约低于最初的预算5%. 工期大约提前一个月。遇小问题时很快费尔自己…解决完成了.他的这种迅速地作出回应解决问题,是不平凡的,在彻底解决这些小问题时我在没有额外的成本。我毫不犹豫地推荐Fil Capuano和他的团队”查茨沃思”公司。”

演员 getahun,MD


“I can recommend Fil with enthusiasm, based on my several years of experiences with him. He has the experience of delivering value on modest projects as well as managing the unusual complexities or very large projects.”

           Hugo Powell

“我可以向您推荐Fil,根据我多年的经验,他是经验丰富和谦逊的项目经理, 他有经验管理不寻常的复杂或非常大的项目。



“Many thanks Fil. You have been absolutely terrific – the home is truly beyond my expectations, and doing business with you has been simply a pleasure.”

Bill.Podolsky-President,   Lakeshore Securities


Bill Podolsky–湖岸证卷总裁


“ Chatsworth has surpassed our expectations to date on what will by far be the biggest project we will ever undertake. Fil, Nick and the entire team at Chatsworth are very personable, extremely organized, very conscious of project costs and committed to delivering the highest quality. Their expertise, professionalism and pride in their work is evident at every stage of the project to ensure that the final product is no less than perfect. Prior to engaging Chatsworth, we had a lot of questions and worries after having heard of construction projects gone wrong, over budget and never on time. We have been fortunate enough not to be part of that statistic. We are thrilled with the progress of our house so far and cannot wait to see it finished”


Rashmi Khosla P. Eng. and Neil Manji C.A.

“We feel really fortunate to have Chatsworth working on our project…We know that when you guys do it, it gets done right!”

Dennis & Karen Freeman


丹尼斯和Karen Freeman


“Their work exceeded our expectations and we are delighted with the construction.”

David & Carol Miller – Miller Trailers


戴维和Carol Miller–Miller.Trailers


“We appreciate your fine work.”

Cheryl Burnett




“I can attest to and have valued their honesty, frankness, with superior construction and financial knowledge, you have skills here which far surpass the “Low Ball” estimator.”

Bruce Ingram – President, CSL Services Ltd.

“我可以证明他们的诚实、坦率、优越的建筑和预算知识,他们的技能远远超过了“Low Ball”的估计。

Bruce Ingram – CSL服务有限公司总裁


“Thanks very much, the level of comprehension you have brought to the project has improved our ability to make informed decisions.”

Frank Clegg – President, Microsoft Canada


Frank Clegg -微软加拿大总裁


“The house is spectacular and the team has done a great job.”

Bob & Marilyn Beamish


鲍伯& Marilyn Beamish


“Not only did you complete within our tight deadlines, but you also managed to stay within our budgeted costs while delivering excellent work.”

Peter Reed – Vice President, Oshawa Foods


Peter Reed,Oshawa食品副总裁


“By the way…my brother-in-law who is a contractor in charge of many major downtown projects and formerly at the now completed new Pearson terminal, got to see our “new site” for the first time and he NOTHING but praise for the way everything has been put together! Having had 2 semi-disastrous renos we lived through, it was sooo reassuring and refreshing to say the least to hear praise given by someone who has done major projects and built his own house and northern cottage…someone who is extremely picky and discerning in his choices! So thank you for that too! It was great to hear and wated to pass on the compliment…but perhaps you hear it ALL the time!”

Debbie Findlay




“Thanks for all your help throughout this process. You have been an enormous help and you’ve built us a great house. Thanks again Fil and we wish you and Chatsworth all the best.”

Mark & Kathy Ceroni


马克& Kathy Ceroni


“We appreciate your knowledge, experience and dedication to your craft.”
“Hello Gord and Fil. Laurie and I wanted to thank you both for a great session at our home last night. Hearing the two of you discuss the details about our upcoming house construction made us feel very reassured that we have the right people working on this project for us. You both exude “quality” in everything you do! We look forward to our continued work together as the project evolves.”

David & Laurie Weishuhn




戴维& Laurie Weishuhn


“Hi Fil…Thanks for your help; you guys definitely work for the best interests of your clients.”





“I am delighted to provide my wholehearted endorsement of Chatsworth. It has been a pleasure from start to finish working with Fil and his crew to turn my ideas into a home. It was a learning experience as Chatsworth took me through the steps of first rate house construction with Fil explaining the ins and outs of what should be done and what not. I cannot say enough of what a worry free experience it has been. Total professionalism on the part of Chatsworth. The only thing I am sorry about is that it is coming to an end.”

Gerry Morelli




“Chatsworth managed our project with clarity, accountability, and incredible attention to detail. No question was ever left unanswered, and a workable solution was found for every problem. Chatsworth’s own high standards meant that the bar was lifted on every component of the project. I would recommend Chatsworth to anyone who values integrity and quality.”

Margot Stevens





“The Oakville Golf Club is currently working on a considerable renovation of our clubouse. Working as our project and construction manager is Fil Capuano and his team at Chatsworth Fine Homes. I have been very impressed with their work and knowledge throughout this project. They have provided timely reports, enlightened the club about various cost saving alternatives and have worked extremely well on our behalf with the many trades. I would strongly recommend Fil and his team at Chatsworth for other projects they are being considered for.”

Dave Fox, CCM – GM Oakville Golf Course

“奥克维尔高尔夫俱乐部的建造和改造是目前我们俱乐部工作的一个重点。作为我们的项目施工经理Fil Capuano和他的团队“查茨沃思”精品公司承包了这项工程。在整个项目中,他们的工作和知识给我留下了很深的印象。他们提供了及时的报告,向俱乐部通报了各种节省成本的方案,并在建造我们项目的许多细节中发挥了出色的作用。我会强烈推荐费尔和他的查茨沃思团队。”

Dave Fox,CCM -通用汽车奥克维尔高尔夫球场


“We are sooo happy with our addition and backyard paradise AND our Grandchildren love their new playroom, under the Great Room .”

Victoria Shipp