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Renovation in Burlington

Renovation in Burlington You live in an older home and are confronted with three options for your potential renovation in Burlington….. 1) does it make sense to renovate (will I get my money back?) 2) is my home a tear down that I should either build myself or, if so do I sell to a builder? 3) do I just move and take the… Read More

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Kitchen in Burlington

Kitchen in Burlington You’ve heard it said many times before: “the kitchen is the heart of the home, and it has a huge impact on your home’s resale value”. With many of our clients, not only their own aspirations are taken into account but potential resale value weighs heavily when planning a new kitchen design. In this article by Chatsworth Fine Homes, we will… Read More

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Real Estate Burlington

Real Estate Burlington Buying real estate in Burlington, Ontario offers residents the best of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with a slower pace of life. Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, Burlington provides residents with a huge number of amenities as well as a scenic, relaxing setting. At Chatsworth Fine Homes, we serve the Burlington area which is rapidly developing and many jump… Read More

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Kitchens Burlington

Kitchens in Burlington Of all the rooms in your house, the kitchen is one of the most important. It is a nucleus for food preparation, meal serving, and family gathering. From weekday meal prep to serving up family dinners, to kids lunches, your kitchen needs to be able to handle anything life throws at it. When the time comes to renovate your cooking space,… Read More

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Kitchen Burlington

Kitchen Burlington Today, kitchens have graduated from being just utilitarian spaces. Used to cook, share informal meals, family gatherings, get kids’ homework and sometimes our own office work done Kitchens are truly the HUB of family life. More than that the colours and materials and style can an expression of your own personality. In short, they have now metamorphosed into multi-use areas and need… Read More

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Home For Sale in Burlington

Homes for sale in Burlington and Oakville The market for homes for sale in Burlington and Oakville is ranked among the top 5 places to live in Ontario. Oakville, South Burlington and North Burlington offer residents everything from outstanding schools to stunning parks, exceptional sense of community, health services, family-friendly neighbourhoods, great weather recreational and leisurely activities, access to major highways and public transit,… Read More

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Home in Burlington

  Home Burlington As we are currently embroiled in election rhetoric, what comes to mind for many Ontarians is the choice they need to make on the next elected Government. We aren’t going to delve into politics and policies but just fence sit and offer some observations and comments from our corner of the world……. and part of that corner is to do with… Read More

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New Homes

  New Homes Burlington It seems whoever you talk to, if the subject isn’t the politics south of the border, talk comes around to real estate. With so many Canadians “in” real estate and considering their home as part of their investment portfolio or at least an investment that they expect some appreciation from, the market pricing of real estate comes under constant scrutiny…. Read More

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New Build Homes

  New Build Homes Burlington Today’s blog topic is about “New Build Homes Burlington.” There is a large portion of the housing / construction market geared to renovations in the Burlington area, and that doesn’t look like it will slow down anytime soon, but what about a new build? When should you consider a new build for your home, and what are the advantages… Read More

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Contractor Burlington

Choose a Contractor Burlington As spring is upon us the thoughts of renovations, additions and “the next project” courses through our minds. In Canada the mild weather brings ushers in all the outdoor fun that has been pent up with the winter’s cabin fever. If you are thinking of a construction project and don’t have the time or skills to take it on yourself,… Read More