Is humidity control the secret to building a healthy home?


Is your home making you sick? In our last blog we touched on Indoor Air Quality ( IAQ) and how we optimize the indoor environment for a healthy home. Starting with NET ZERO specification we seal the house tightly, then to be a truly HIGH-PERFORMANCE healthy home we ensure that despite the bone dry outside […]

Breathe Easy in a Healthy Home!

In our cooler Canadian climate, we spend a great deal of time indoors. The INDOOR AIR PLUS program by the EPA helps families BREATHE EASY. As we all become increasingly aware of the benefits of a HEALTHY indoor environment, how we build homes, and the products and systems we use, need careful consideration. So what […]

Net Zero ready homes are here – are you ready?

Westdale NetZero

Cast your minds back to the ’70s, the days of Abba, Grease, and Bell bottoms, the latest cars being sold with seat belts, claiming compliance to “California Motor vehicle standards”. At that time seat belts in cars and similarly, crash helmets for a motorcycle rider were felt, by many, to be overweening laws restricting personal […]