Spring training II

We blogged last month about sending one of our team to a building update seminar on energy efficient building and latest trends and techniques  in NET ZERO  building.spring camp 300x232 - Spring training II Well we are continuing our commitment to upgrading seeing another one of our team attending the “SPRING TRAINING CAMP”  put on by Building knowledge Canada. We recently completed a large home in Mississauga, which although not registered in the NET ZERO program benefited from all the learning we have gained from ongoing training and our other Net Zero efforts.

1470 Mississauga Rd 35 300x200 - Spring training II

Our Mississauga road project styled after a french country house

Gord Cooke and Andy Oding of Building Knowledge are two of the main presenters, joined by Tex MacLeod. Andy leads the NET ZERO council consulting on code changes. Gord is a well known speaker at the International Building show. Tex is a veteran Energy speaker and all round devotee of high efficiency building . Understanding the latest developments and best practices gained from leaders in the industry, sharpens our skills and helps us deliver a superior product . These “behind the scenes” technical details are not glamorous but delight our clients when they enjoy the comfort of living in an engineered home, not to mention the beauty of great design and painstakingly crafted details. We delivered our Mississauga road project  to our client who had owned this property since the 1970’s and decided to build new and return to Mississauga. After some years  in various ports of call travelling and moving in an impressive career, he and his family are now enjoying their new custom home built to a standard well above code requirements. The blower door and energy metrics were truly gratifying.