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Home Renovations

  Home Renovations Oakville Today our blog discusses home renovations in Oakville and provides some insights if you are thinking of a renovation project. As Oakville expands northward to its outer limits the supply of housing becomes scarcer in a much sought-after town and the aging inventory of houses are increasingly ready for renovation. So, things to consider when deciding if you should do… Read More

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Home Renovations Continued…

Home Renovations Burlington Todays blog continues our discussion on Home Renovations in Burlington. In the last article we discussed the real estate market and desirability of doing a home renovation in Burlington. This article starts to discuss the permit application process…. With over 70,000 households, and many of them aging to the point where homeowners are considering a substantial renovation, this blog will serve… Read More

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Home Renovations

Home renovations Burlington With the housing market “cooling off,” at least that’s how we perceive it after the recent pell mell increases in house prices, many are perplexed with the decision “do I move or renovate?.” Looking at 2017 in the rear view mirror any market may seem sedentary in comparison. As regulatory burdens on new housing increase renovations are becoming a viable option… Read More