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Burlington home design…. Episode one!

After a plethora of internet searches and many weekends driving around, meeting realtors and visiting open houses you’ve exhausted the inventory of available homes and have concluded there’s nothing on the market that really suits your wish list. You’ve seen great ideas on Houzz and Pinterest but at best they are a list of ideas and designs you think you really love but are they cohesive? Will they hold together as a totality? HGTV and it seems, many TV programs and magazines offer advice…… but this is the biggest investment you, likely will ever make!!

You live in Burlington, want to stay here and have decided to explore options for building your dream home… So where do you turn?

Read on further for our Burlington home design Article….

We’ve entitled this article “Burlington home design” because in our experience, each Town, Village or Hamlet has a distinctive mix and what may look settled and in context built in Kingston, Ontario may not find its niche here in the Burlington home design context which has its own eclectic mix of architecture. In the Historical village just west of Brant street we find many century homes built in the 1800’s by British settlers. Whereas many of the new infills east of Brant Street sport Cape Cod styling. North Shore encompasses larger lots containing traditional manses, suggesting ownership by the well-heeled and merchant classes. An Architectural treatise is beyond this brief blog but we simply point out that each neighbourhood tends to lend itself to various styles and a particularly skillful designer can successfully execute variations on the theme ……something to keep in mind when focusing in on the desired area to locate your dream home.

We’ll revisit the architectural vocabulary of Burlington neighbourhoods in a later blog and also its effect on design direction. But let’s get back to our original question.  Where do I turn when I’m looking to build new or do a serious renovation? At Chatsworth we work with trusted partners and after discussing our clients needs the next thing on the list is to have our clients meet with our design partners. For Burlington home design a good knowledge of the local area is essential. In this Blog we spoke to David Carrothers the Principal at Carrothers and Associates.

Dave explains the process applicable not only to Burlington home design but conceptually any new custom home project or renovation…..

Looking ahead” says Dave  “The future of home design is still about the designer being able to communicate the client’s goals and dreams into a tangible outcome.

Going on to explain the thought process in renovation and addition work…. “In our design we see a lot of integration between the old of what is already in place and the new functionality of space where rooms have the flexibility to serve multiple uses. Retaining the charm of the existing home but adding a surprise element when the space is opened up is exciting for home owners and gives their property a new lease on life. 

When asked what trends Dave is seeing, he continues…

Mixing old world flair with modern design is trending right now in the industry and contemporary interiors and exteriors are at the forefront of our clients wish-list. Complete integrated home automation (smart homes), sustainability and outdoor living spaces are all the rage and bring a ton of value to the home.

Dave concludes….“In the end, good architectural design regardless of style will stand the test of time, therefore we ask our clients to put their trust in us and to vision how they see themselves living in the home. It is then our job to lead them by the pushing the boundaries and pulling the best out of them.

Dave gives us a taste of the philosophical approach and current trends here. On our next Burlington home design blog, we’ll venture into other relevant topics. If you considering a new home or renovation, in the meantime feel free to call us at Chatsworth Fine Homes to discuss your project and ideas


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