Upcoming News…. Kerr Street Golf Tourney and Net Zero

Spring is here … well around the corner it seems and that means the annual Kerr Street Classic Golf tournament! The Chatsworth team has supported our local communities so we want to give a “shout out” to Kerr Street Ministries in Oakvikerr street golf 300x185 - Upcoming News.... Kerr Street Golf Tourney and Net Zerolle. Kerr Street Ministries do a wonderful job helping those in need. For families who are new to the country or who have fallen on difficulties Kerr Street is there to come along side and help and we’re proud to be a small part of the help they provide to the Oakville community. Every year  those who support Kerr street get together to have fun, play golf and raise awareness and funds.  

Here’s a “heads up” to some exciting news…… Our New custom home project in South West Oakville is in the final throes of completion. In the closing weeks our team puts that “white glove” over every nook and cranny of the home. Not only is this another  spectacular Oakville luxury custom home but it’s NET ZERO Ready….. and if we hurry it will be Oakville’s first!!! Watch for more news and IG posts on this project and our upcoming feature in West of the City Magazine! Contact us to learn more about NET ZERO and NET ZERO READY for your new custom home!