High performance energy efficient homes….HVAC show and Oakville Net Zero

We announced in an earlier blog that we had begun Oakville’s first NET ZERO registered home with our partner company Oak Harbour Developments. This project located on Westdale Road is now in foundation stage and we’ll be keeping you posted on the progress.

Today we want to touch on one of the forerunners to our Westdale NET ZERO  home, our award winning Burgundy project. It attracted much attention as it was being built and continues to do so. Bruce Nagy, a proponent of all things green in construction, featured our project in his recent article in Plumbing and HVAC magazine, released for the latest Plumbing and HVAC Show in Toronto.  Despite the Ontario Building Code’s aggressive changes demanding higher performance homes our Burgundy project, completed in 2014, still exceeds the code standards by a long shot. Read Bruce’s article here………hvacimage 300x169 - High performance energy efficient homes....HVAC show and Oakville Net Zero


+ netzeroready - Net Zero Homes, Oakville March 2018 update

Net Zero Homes, Oakville March 2018 update

As we rolled out our NET Zero Oakville , Net Zero Burlington and Net Zero Mississauga pilot programs, Net Zero as a method of building has been greeted with great enthusiasm. Our President Fil Capuano has been invited to workshop with local Oakville and Burlignton realtors interested in code changes and the Net Zero program. With one house in progress using NET ZERO Oakville standards (actual labelling anticipated in future) and another project in foundation phase , the first Net Zero Oakville home underway, targeted for completion and labelling mid 2019. A further project is in design  contemplating a late summer start as another NET ZERO Oakville home. Read more Net Zero Oakville Developments below…. Read More

Net Zero….sharing the training in Oakville

we couldn’t wait to share our latest news on NET ZERO custom homes in Oakville even though we just posted on it a few days ago. See https://www.chatsworthfinehomes.com/blog/net-zero-homes-oakville/ Yesterday we met with the folks at Goodale Miller team to discuss and share latest developments in building code changes and  recent updates in our commitment to high performance building. We spent a couple of hours discussing how tight, well insulated building envelopes, high efficiency heat pumps,  and carefully selected windows not only save money but create a more comfortable and healthy interior  environment. Read More

CHATSWORTH announces nomination for BILD 2018 AWARDS




BILD has nominated CHATSWORTH Bild logo - CHATSWORTH announces nomination for BILD 2018 AWARDSFINE HOMES for


We want to say THANK YOU to ALL our valued Trades, Suppliers and Partners ……Its easy for us to talk in our own advertising about our skills and the talents of our people but when we are nominated for an AWARD by a widely rebildaward 300x192 - CHATSWORTH announces nomination for BILD 2018 AWARDScognized INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION like BILD it is very gratifying. Just making it to the short list of the FINAL 3 is an achievement so we want to say thanks to the great team of trades and suppliers for all the support, needless to say without you we couldn’t even think about being here…. Waiting for the final awards Mar 9 2018!


NET ZERO HOUSING  update report

We wrote a somewhat longer blog article last year on Net zero home building and wanted to provide an update!! (to read more please go to that blog) https://www.chatsworthfinehomes.com/blog/net-zero-ready-homes-are-here-are-you-ready/

With the necessary training completed and courses passed we are now qualified as Net Zero builders! The next step in the process was completed when we registered our New Custom Home project in Oakville on Westdale Road in the Net Zero program. We are pleased to announce that this is Oakville’s first registration of a NET ZERO home. As custom home builders in Oakville we pride ourselves in delivering to our clients the best of the best in high performance building!net zero logo 300x121 - NET ZERO HOMES OAKVILLE

In further developments our Dalewood Custom Home project in Oakville is in progress and being detailed such that the building skeleton / insulation has been upgraded in anticipation of  NET ZERO future compliance. High performance homes provide not only frugal energy usage but are built to specifications ahead of their time which result in a VERY comfortable interior environment. A home can only be labelled NET ZERO if it has undergone strict engineering review and testing to comply with National Research Canada’s rigorous requirements.

NET ZERO PROVIDED in partnership with Oak Harbour Developments Inc.oakharbour 300x95 - NET ZERO HOMES OAKVILLE

condensation on my windows!

condensation 300x223 - condensation on my windows!

Moisture forms on the cold surface of windows

……with the recent cold snap, winter came in with a veritable ROAR! We thought we’d share some of our recent observations in dealing with condensation on windows and pass along some simple tips. As we build custom homes in Oakville, the information refers to the Oakville area known as climate zone 5 but the principles apply equally to any area.

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Cold Weather Concrete

As the winter sets in early this year in Southern Ontario our project building another custom home in  Oakville requires some extra care! The main floor is a composite poured concrete floor system, curing and cold weather measures need particular attention. Read More

Duct sealing pays dividends again

We’ve talked about sealing  ducts in previous articles, if you missed it what you need to know is that besides being a code requirement its another step up in making your home comfortable. In our recent Mississauga custom home build we brought in Aeroseal to seal the ducts . If you look closely at the illustration you’ll see how much improvement proper duct sealing achieves 36% increase in efficiency.

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Expert Witness

After waiting what seems like years to get the building permit, it finally arrives! The beginning of a new build is marked by excitement that can reach fever pitch. Homeowners say goodbye to the old as the wrecking ball arrives and their home is demolished to make way for the new build! Excavating starts! Lots of action! Noise and big machines! It’s surely a time when optimism runs high, finally seeing some concrete steps, in what was up till now just a “dream” of a luxury home.

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Housing Market

Do I Buy or Build my new home? Or hide my money in the mattress?………for the few fortunate enough to have the where-with-all to entertain this question a dilemma quickly presents itself…. Do I sink my life savings into my new home or listen to the news portending disaster and so hang tight and rent?

housingmarket1 - Housing MarketAs property values have risen appreciably in the past, Canadians see their home as a store of wealth that continues to be the only asset that’s increase in value enjoys tax exempt status. Boomers retiring in recent years have realised the windfall that results from years of sitting on the nest-egg we call home. To many it appears a prudent move to invest in a larger home with sights set on the future yield that will hopefully be a fund for retirement. However, Robert Schiller the Nobel laureat joined the red flags and warnings with a “bubbly “ characterization of the Toronto and Vancouver markets in Oct 2017 pointing to a potential housing market correction. Regardless, the juggernaut that is Canada’s real estate market appears, for now at least, to be continuing ahead. With dire and foreboding warnings from the press in spring of 2017, the market seemed to defy the grim predictions and made something of a “soft landing” by the summer. A landing engineered by Government measures introduced to quell burgeoning house prices, fueled by speculative investors. This phenomenon is pronounced particularly in Toronto and Vancouver where housing appears to be out of reach for millenials budding to mount the real estate ladder.

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