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Designing your new kitchen in Oakville requires careful planning. The Kitchen is pivotal, not only from an ergonomic view, making sure the workspace is efficient but increasingly the kitchen is central for family gatherings and therefore demands great attention to detail. Once the kitchen’s initial design is formulated there are usually a few iterations needed to finesse the details and arrive at the final design. In this article by Chatsworth Fine Homes, we will take a look at what a successful kitchen design looks like.  

A successful kitchen project requires 3 important elements:

-careful ergonomic design

-pleasing aesthetics

-Highly skilled execution and project management

The design of your kitchen in Oakville invariably involves a specialist kitchen designer, skilled in listening to a client’s vision and tailoring their design to suit the individual client’s needs. A specialist kitchen designer also has the advantage of both product and building knowledge. At this stage, it is important the client and designer discuss how the kitchen is to be used and incorporates all aspects of the client’s requirements into the final design.

At Chatsworth Fine Homes in designing your kitchen we blend artistic and creative talent along with state of the art computer design software. 3D modelling can portray the final design and bring it to life for the client. Particularly in new build situations where there may not be any walls up yet, it gives the client a real feel as to how the kitchen will look and function.

The specifications and scope of work is then formulated elaborating on details of the materials to be used in what is probably the most important room in your home. Close attention to details ensure the quality results you expect and pays dividends in the long run. Working with a designer will help guide you through the products available and help you stay in your budget and realize the best possible kitchen in Oakville.

At Chatsworth Fine homes, close attention to scheduling ensures your new kitchen installation is coordinated with the myriad activities that are going on simultaneously in your build. A dedicated project manager helps liaise to ensure all the services required to bring your kitchen to life happen at the right time with plumbing and wiring diagrams to ensure the kitchen can be installed as efficiently as possible.

Plan, Plan, Plan is the main point here to achieve the kitchen of your dreams, it is also the most cost effective way of achieving exactly what you want!

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