In this section, you will find regular updates on the projects we have in progress, in which we share the building science and best practices that our team employs to build the highest quality homes. Every stage of home building is important and ensuring that each is done correctly, with thought and care, is our highest priority.

Project In Progress

Modern Luxury Home, Doulton Drive, Mississauga

Project In Progress

Net Zero Transitional Home, Lakeshore Road West, Oakville

Project In Progress

Lakefront Coastal Home, Ennisclare Road, Oakville

Project In Progress

Net Zero Wedgewood Park Home, Devon Road, Oakville

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Awards Custom Homes Energy Efficient Homes High Performance Building Home Design In Progress Net Zero Homes

Engineered to Perform

I’m old enough to recall, as an engineering student, being critiqued on line quality of drafting. Should you use an HB pencil or 2H or 2B? Did you keep your instruments clean to prevent smudges and a”dirty” drawing? Meanwhile……. our Doulton Dr Mississauga project is being closed in so fine finishing work can continue inside […]

Custom Homes Energy Efficient Homes High Performance Building In Progress

Goodbye Plumbing noise

Rough ins are all complete and its time to do the finishing details at our Ennisclare project. Among the many items on the list is (((NOISE)))) and making sure it’s not going to be a bother. Plumbing piping is one big culprit and ensuring its done right takes care and attention…. In 2019 Car and […]

Custom Homes Energy Efficient Homes High Performance Building In Progress

In Progress! Engineered to perform!

At Chatsworth we talk about High Performance Building but what does that mean for you? The phrase communicates our vision of building. This approach yields the best for you, our homeowners delivering the best value in your new home. For example, in our Modern luxury home on Doulton Dr Mississauga the home is not only […]

Energy Efficient Homes High Performance Building In Progress Net Zero Homes

Is humidity control the secret to building a healthy home?

Is your home making you sick? In our last blog we touched on Indoor Air Quality ( IAQ) and how we optimize the indoor environment for your family’s health. Starting with NET ZERO specification we seal the house tightly, then to be a truly HIGH PERFORMANCE home we ensure that despite the bone dry outside […]

Energy Efficient Homes High Performance Building In Progress Net Zero Homes

Breathe Easy in a Healthy Home!

In our cooler Canadian climate we spend a great deal of time indoors. The INDOOR AIR PLUS program by the EPA helps families BREATHE EASY. As we all become increasingly aware of the benefits of a HEALTHY indoor environment, how we build homes and the products and systems we use, need careful consideration. So what […]

Custom Homes Home Design In Progress

In Progress: Custom Home, Doulton Drive, Mississauga

Modern Luxury Home We are now coming out of the ground with this ultra-modern family home on the exclusive Doulton Drive in Mississauga. The foundations are almost complete with waterproofing scheduled to be wrapped up in the upcoming weeks.  Designed by JPT Architects from Windsor, this home will be hurricane proof with a completely noncombustible […]