Expert Witness

After waiting what seems like years to get the building permit, it finally arrives! The beginning of a new build is marked by excitement that can reach fever pitch. Homeowners say goodbye to the old as the wrecking ball arrives and their home is demolished to make way for the new build! Excavating starts! Lots of action! Noise and big machines! It’s surely a time when optimism runs high, finally seeing some concrete steps, in what was up till now just a “dream” of a luxury home.

scale - Expert WitnessAfter this initial euphoria the build team must buckle down to the discipline of schedules, task lists, and the daily care and vigilance required to ensure the quality required goes into every detail of a custom home.

But what happens when things go awry? Irate homeowners resorting to legal channels seems an all-too-common “grist” for the TV mill, recounting tales of disappointment. Disputes become very expensive when litigated through the courts. Recently, based on its track record in Oakville, Mississauga and Burlington with building Custom Homes, the team at Chatsworth Fine Homes was called upon to provide an expert witness testimony to a prominent Mississauga Law firm in an ongoing construction dispute over a Custom Home.

On these regrettable occasions, it’s sobering to be reminded of the importance of care required in each step of the project, underscoring that scrutinizing every detail is the only way to ensure it’s done right!