Canada turns 150 and is still a “breath of fresh air” to new immigrants

Canada turned 150 this year; for the Chatsworth Team as with many Canadians, a big birthday like this for our nation means a lot. It’s a time to reflect on the great country we live in and how far we’ve come to be what we are now.

“I think we’re coming of age as a country,” said Fil Capuano, CEO of Chatsworth. “It seems we’ve spent generations living in the shadow of the US, and before that, Britain. I think a milestone like this helps us realize we can stand on our own feet as a culture.”

Canada has become what it is now after centuries of immigrants from all over the world building up homes and settlements, into town and cities.

As builders, the Chatsworth Team all feel that we are carrying on that very Canadian tradition. We have always taken pride in building homes that represent long term value, something that is not just a house, but a lasting legacy. “Building just seems [like] a Canadian thing to do,” Capuano remarked. He believes that the building of solid homes is something that has defined this country since the first settlers arrived on this soil.

fil england - Canada turns 150 and is still a “breath of fresh air” to new immigrants

Fil on a memorable visit to Chatsworth House, England, 1984

Fil reflected on his own journey to Canada from the UK as a young man. “When I was in England in my late teens, things were quite grim,” he recalled. “The economy was in a major downturn. There was still a sense of the old class system hanging on, that presented hurdles to moving up in the world.”

“Coming to Canada was a breath of fresh air. Here it seemed like anything was possible if you were willing to work for it.”

We know from many of our clients that daunting feeling when embarking on the task of building a new home and it may seem overwhelming when you’re at the outset of it. That is likely how the early settlers of Canada felt when faced with the challenge of building their homes in the new world.

canada 150 - Canada turns 150 and is still a “breath of fresh air” to new immigrants“When we celebrate 150 years, it causes us to stop and look back at how far we’ve come and to be spurred on that we are part of a bigger thing continuing that spirit of adventure that has always been part of the Canadian fabric.”

We look back with a feeling of pride thinking, along with our fellow Canadians “I helped build this… this is OUR CANADA.”