Build a luxury home? Or do a luxury renovation?

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Build a luxury home? Or do a luxury renovation?

Building a luxury home from scratch or choosing to remodel an existing home. Both options allow you to achieve the home of your dreams, but how do you decide which path is right for you? At Chatsworth Fine Homes, we make it our mission to assist our clients in coming up with build plans, or providing renovation plan assistance. If you are trying to decide whether you should build a new luxury home, or if you should renovate your existing home, then we suggest that you browse through our website and check out the properties that we have worked on! In this article, we will be providing our insight into the question of, “Should I build a luxury home? Or renovate my existing home?”

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There are countless reasons why you may want to stay in the home you’re already in. You could be in a good neighbourhood that’s already on the way up, you may already like quite a bit about your home, or you may have already invested a lot into making your home just right. Still, it’s easy to outgrow a home. Even if all the other stars align, you could find yourself needing or wanting new space. It’s tough to choose between both options.

With renovations, you can create luxury, style, and space

Is your main issue with your home that it feels a bit out of date? The main case for renovations is that you get to keep the things you like about your home while fixing the things you don’t. Still, sometimes, it’s not enough. Renovations are a great option if you want to update style and refresh your home’s design. They can also help address structural issues, create amazing additions, and make the most of your current space. If you’re feeling particularly bold, there’s nothing stopping you from gutting your home down to its bones and renovation from the ground up.

Custom home construction can give you everything you want

A custom home gives you absolutely everything that you want in a single package, built to code and your exacting specifications. Simply put, it’s the most direct way to get your dream home. Rather than remodel or renovate an existing property, you control absolutely everything: the layout, the features, the style, and the floors. And since it’s a brand-new home, everything will be under warranty and will last much longer. Best of all, you’ll have a complete history of what’s been done on your home, where everything is, how it’s wired, where the plumbing and heating run, and who did the work. You’ve got total control over your home, from top to bottom. It’s truly yours.

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