At Chatsworth Our Homeowners And Trade Partners Are Heros!

Christmas Wonders and chatsworth fine homes logo

They helped us exceed our $6000 Christmas Wonders Target!!!

For more than 18 years Kerr St Mission has brought the community together over the holidays with their “Christmas Wonders and Beyond” program. Christmas is a special time of year when we get to come together, give gifts to our loved ones and eat our favourite foods. Unfortunately, that is not the reality for everyone. These past few years have been especially difficult.

Christmas Wonders and Beyond provides support for families at Christmas with food and gift cards, giving them a chance to choose the gift and food that their families will enjoy. The “Beyond” provides support for the rest of the year.

Here each of us at Chatsworth we are grateful to live and work in our wonderful Oakville community and there’s nothing more gratifying than lending a helping hand to support our neighbours in need. We have been privileged to partner with Kerr Street Ministries for over 15 years. We love what they bring to our community.

Oakville is known for outstanding luxury homes, and high-income brackets are also home to those who are struggling or just going through a rough time. Kerr Street Mission has always brought love and hope into the lives of those they serve and inspires donors to give out of their hearts. Their spirit of giving is a true blessing to our town, Oakville.

At Chatsworth Fine Homes we believe in sharing the love and blessings that have been given to us and we try to bring that love to those around us “every good and perfect gift is given from above” and Kerr Street shares in this vision.

This year for Christmas Wonders and Beyond we reached our goal within the first 7 days and exceeded it by over a thousand dollars! We were able to raise over $6000 thanks to all of our supporters and amazing folks we work with both now and in the past.

We are looking forward to continuing our community involvement in 2022. And wish you a healthy and happy new year.