We’re excited to announce our article in West of the City!!

Building fine Luxury  Custom homes is a trademark for Chatsworth and when West of the City magazine asked to feature our new Net Zero home that’s still in progress in West Oakville we were thrilled. We have included below the March issue of West of the City magazine featuring  a glimpse of some of our signature projects already completed. “Building the Exceptional to delight the Extraordinary” is the theme of our spring campaign. Our clients are truly extraordinary people and looking back to the exceptional custom homes we’ve been privileged to build in Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga makes our award winning team proud!westarticle 300x194 - We're excited to announce our article in West of the City!!

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Renovation in Burlington

Renovation in Burlington

You live in an older home and are confronted with three options for your potential renovation in Burlington…..

1) does it make sense to renovate (will I get my money back?)

2) is my home a tear down that I should either build myself or, if so do I sell to a builder?

3) do I just move and take the increase in value on my property. All good questions that we’ll look at in this article by Chatsworth Fine Homes below.

You can renovate

There are definitely savings to renovating and depending on the current configuration of your home it may warrant spending a bit more money to do an extensive renovation especially in many Burlington neighbourhoods where the values have been established at a much higher price with rebuilds and extensive renovations. The old adage telling you not to be the most expensive house on the street is something to consider. The savings mentioned above range from keeping the same water, sewer and hydro service to using the same foundation. These few things can runs into the tens of thousands. With a professional eye on your home a resourceful designer can provide add to your home while utilizing much of the existing layout. Building on the second floor is generally much cheaper and can add square footage to your home very frugally. The result is that your renovation in your Burlington home can add many thousands of dollars beyond the costs of the renovation.

You can tear down

If your home is in need of some fundamental changes and updates you may choose to push the pause button and consider not spending the money on a renovation. Burlington home values are increasing steadily despite some nay-sayers in the press. A new build can not only give you the flexibility to build completely custom but can be done cost effectively so that many find they could actually turn around and sell at completion, even though that wasn’t their plan.

You can move

You are in considering renovation in Burlington as your home is tired but aren’t sure you want to get involved in the build process or laying out the money. Many opt to simply cash in and move out to more areas with more affordable housing, especially for retirement and at the same time take a tidy sum from the sale of their Burlington home.  

A renovation of your home in Burlington can go a long way to ensuring your home sells quickly and for top dollar, when the time comes. If you think your home could use some updating in certain areas for your own enjoyment or in order to catch the eye of potential buyers, then we say, Go for it! For more information about the renovation process and about some of the work we’ve done at Chatsworth Fine Homes, please feel free to continue browsing through our website. Click here to find our contact information and to fill out our contact form.

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Home in Oakville

Home in Oakville

Many of our clients are among those who have worked hard through their careers and entrust us with building their new home in Oakville. It may sound cliché but a “house” is a “home” when it  carries with it the nuance of family, warmth, friends, a respite from the world, an investment, even, for many, a legacy.

Our team at Chatsworth Fine Homes can bring those aspirations and dreams to life. Walking through the careful selection of your lot and the development of plans, helping with selections to the final touches on landscaping. It all can be an exhilarating experience! In this article by Chatsworth Fine Homes, we will talk about the advantages of working with a professional custom home builder.

Energy Efficiency: Moving to Net Zero!

Energy efficiency has become a Buzz Word in the building industry. The Chatsworth team is qualified and registered to build your new home in Oakville to exacting the energy standards of NET ZERO. This is a NRCan program that certifies the energy performance of your home ensuring comfort and lower energy bills. With rapidly changing building codes, why build to today’s standards, some of which will be obsolete before you move in? NET ZERO is the gold standard that the Ontario building code is moving towards. In fact by 2030 this will be the required level of the Ontario codes!


The opportunity to customize every detail of your new home can be exciting and yet at the same time daunting. Starting at the ideas for the layout… perhaps an eat in kitchen with a large island, adjoining family room with an Inglenook, an in law suite, car hoist, second floor laundry? The choices are yours!  Once the “big pieces” are decided on, then begins the detailing. Every facet of your home is thought through to ensure it meets your needs. Lighting layouts, electrical plans, zoned heating system, a custom wine cellar, an ergonomically designed kitchen all customized to your own taste with the latest energy efficient appliances. A daunting process but very gratifying when you are ready to move in to your new home in Oakville and enjoy your hard work.

Saves Money

Little talked about but much appreciated when you look at your pocketbook are the savings realized in reduced maintenance. In the first few years of a custom home the investment pay back begins with very little work required on all the new items. New plumbing fixtures, new appliances, new light fixtures, new windows, new roof (and the list goes on!) all take considerable initial investment but with applicable warranties on your new home there’s piece of mind so you can sit back relax and enjoy!

For more information about the advantages of building a home in Oakville with one of the best custom home builders, please feel free to continue browsing through our website. Click here to find our contact information and to fill out our contact form.

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Kitchen in Burlington

Kitchen in Burlington

You’ve heard it said many times before: “the kitchen is the heart of the home, and it has a huge impact on your home’s resale value”. With many of our clients, not only their own aspirations are taken into account but potential resale value weighs heavily when planning a new kitchen design. In this article by Chatsworth Fine Homes, we will talk about a few things you should consider when you are thinking about remodelling your kitchen in Burlington. Read on for more information.


Your budget is surely very important to everyone and particularly  important when it comes to keeping a rein on things in a kitchen design. During a remodel, the budget gets pressured on all sides so keeping a keen eye is essential. Set a budget that is comfortable for you, and remember that most realtors suggest it  will likely be recouped upon resale of your home.

When you’re setting a budget, keep in mind that you should set aside money in case something comes up. Whether you live in an old or new home, it’s pretty much guaranteed that there will be complications. In older homes we recommend a contingency of between 15 and 20% of the total budget. In a new build costs can be brought under control right from the outset so you can end up on budget with some careful planning and controlling costs during the election process.

If you’re not ready for a huge renovation, you can improve the design of your kitchen in Burlington by installing new countertops or appliances.

Some homeowners elect to even paint the cabinets themselves, to completely change the look of your kitchen. A project you may want to think about carefully and consider with sober judgement before embarking upon!

Renovation timeline

Make sure you have a schedule and add a buffer to your timeline, as you did with your budget. Unexpected issues can pop up that will cause the renovation to take more time than expected. Don’t get caught in a time crunch, leave yourself some extra time to complete your dream kitchen design. One of the pitfalls of Kitchen renovations is not having a realistic schedule. The results can be disappointing when the project isn’t completed in what you thought was a reasonable time frame but unfortunately didn’t fit in with the reality of trades and materials availability.  

The layout of your kitchen

We encourage clients to “brainstorm“ what their kitchen could be like. Then once all the ideas are on the table the winnowing process begins. Some things are “nice to have” but not essential. It’s a balancing act between getting what you want and keeping on budget. When you’re moving ovens, you’ll need to move gas connections. Sinks need water lines, which you’ll have to shift. These can be costly moves, so considering keeping at least some of the layout of your kitchen the same can be a cost saving. You’ll have to decide whether it’s worth the splurge to change the layout.

There are many things to consider before remodeling a kitchen in Burlington. At Chatsworth Fine Homes, we have been privileged to work on some of the best remodeling jobs, some of which you can find picture of on our website. For more information about remodeling your kitchen in Burlington, please feel free to continue browsing through our website. Click here to find our contact information and to fill out our contact form.    

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Kitchen in Oakville

Kitchen in Oakville

Designing your new kitchen in Oakville requires careful planning. The Kitchen is pivotal, not only from an ergonomic view, making sure the workspace is efficient but increasingly the kitchen is central for family gatherings and therefore demands great attention to detail. Once the kitchen’s initial design is formulated there are usually a few iterations needed to finesse the details and arrive at the final design. In this article by Chatsworth Fine Homes, we will take a look at what a successful kitchen design looks like.  

A successful kitchen project requires 3 important elements:

-careful ergonomic design

-pleasing aesthetics

-Highly skilled execution and project management

The design of your kitchen in Oakville invariably involves a specialist kitchen designer, skilled in listening to a client’s vision and tailoring their design to suit the individual client’s needs. A specialist kitchen designer also has the advantage of both product and building knowledge. At this stage, it is important the client and designer discuss how the kitchen is to be used and incorporates all aspects of the client’s requirements into the final design.

At Chatsworth Fine Homes in designing your kitchen we blend artistic and creative talent along with state of the art computer design software. 3D modelling can portray the final design and bring it to life for the client. Particularly in new build situations where there may not be any walls up yet, it gives the client a real feel as to how the kitchen will look and function.

The specifications and scope of work is then formulated elaborating on details of the materials to be used in what is probably the most important room in your home. Close attention to details ensure the quality results you expect and pays dividends in the long run. Working with a designer will help guide you through the products available and help you stay in your budget and realize the best possible kitchen in Oakville.

At Chatsworth Fine homes, close attention to scheduling ensures your new kitchen installation is coordinated with the myriad activities that are going on simultaneously in your build. A dedicated project manager helps liaise to ensure all the services required to bring your kitchen to life happen at the right time with plumbing and wiring diagrams to ensure the kitchen can be installed as efficiently as possible.

Plan, Plan, Plan is the main point here to achieve the kitchen of your dreams, it is also the most cost effective way of achieving exactly what you want!

For more information about how you can design your dream kitchen for your home in Oakville, please feel free to continue browsing through our Chatsworth Fine Homes website. Click here to find our contact information and to fill out our contact form.   

NET ZERO measures up!

It’s a while since we blogged about our Net Zero projects, so an update is likely in order! Our project on Westdale Road in Oakville is enjoying good progress. Currently in framing stages, it’s the first home to be registered in Oakville in the National Research Canada’s  Net Zero Ready program. At the risk of re-plowing old ground the Net Zero program is what is now recognized as the gold standard in comfort and energy efficiency.  Mike Holmes, in a National Post article Read More

High performance energy efficient homes….HVAC show and Oakville Net Zero

We announced in an earlier blog that we had begun Oakville’s first NET ZERO registered home with our partner company Oak Harbour Developments. This project located on Westdale Road is now in foundation stage and we’ll be keeping you posted on the progress.

Today we want to touch on one of the forerunners to our Westdale NET ZERO  home, our award winning Burgundy project. It attracted much attention as it was being built and continues to do so. Bruce Nagy, a proponent of all things green in construction, featured our project in his recent article in Plumbing and HVAC magazine, released for the latest Plumbing and HVAC Show in Toronto.  Despite the Ontario Building Code’s aggressive changes demanding higher performance homes our Burgundy project, completed in 2014, still exceeds the code standards by a long shot. Read Bruce’s article here………hvacimage 300x169 - High performance energy efficient homes....HVAC show and Oakville Net Zero


+ netzeroready - Net Zero Homes, Oakville March 2018 update

Net Zero Homes, Oakville March 2018 update

As we rolled out our NET Zero Oakville , Net Zero Burlington and Net Zero Mississauga pilot programs, Net Zero as a method of building has been greeted with great enthusiasm. Our President Fil Capuano has been invited to workshop with local Oakville and Burlignton realtors interested in code changes and the Net Zero program. With one house in progress using NET ZERO Oakville standards (actual labelling anticipated in future) and another project in foundation phase , the first Net Zero Oakville home underway, targeted for completion and labelling mid 2019. A further project is in design  contemplating a late summer start as another NET ZERO Oakville home. Read more Net Zero Oakville Developments below…. Read More

Net Zero….sharing the training in Oakville

we couldn’t wait to share our latest news on NET ZERO custom homes in Oakville even though we just posted on it a few days ago. See https://www.chatsworthfinehomes.com/blog/net-zero-homes-oakville/ Yesterday we met with the folks at Goodale Miller team to discuss and share latest developments in building code changes and  recent updates in our commitment to high performance building. We spent a couple of hours discussing how tight, well insulated building envelopes, high efficiency heat pumps,  and carefully selected windows not only save money but create a more comfortable and healthy interior  environment. Read More

CHATSWORTH announces nomination for BILD 2018 AWARDS




BILD has nominated CHATSWORTH Bild logo - CHATSWORTH announces nomination for BILD 2018 AWARDSFINE HOMES for


We want to say THANK YOU to ALL our valued Trades, Suppliers and Partners ……Its easy for us to talk in our own advertising about our skills and the talents of our people but when we are nominated for an AWARD by a widely rebildaward 300x192 - CHATSWORTH announces nomination for BILD 2018 AWARDScognized INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION like BILD it is very gratifying. Just making it to the short list of the FINAL 3 is an achievement so we want to say thanks to the great team of trades and suppliers for all the support, needless to say without you we couldn’t even think about being here…. Waiting for the final awards Mar 9 2018!