These clients are Long time Oakville residents and wanted to be close to the downtown. The charm of the historical district drew them in to this formidable “rebuild”. This project presented a myriad of challenges. An inviolable must was to maintain the façade as if it had been “freshly painted” in the 1860’s. Windows were painstakingly matched to authentic architectural details. The big “however“ for the Chatsworth team was the clients’ insistence that the complete interior be replaced to present a 21st century finishes with all the accoutrements!!! Besides suspending the home in mid air while digging under and installing a watertight 10ft deep basement, the historical garage (formerly a stable complete with hay loft) had to be relocated atop a new foundation on the property. All completed on time on budget!!
The task we presented Chatsworth with was very difficult. To modernize a historical home while retaining certain exterior characteristics. This included supporting the house while excavating under it. Fil and his team did an exceptional job, completing the house on time and under budget. Honesty and integrity all the way!”
—Rick and Cindy H
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