The Chatsworth team reflects astute attention to project management structure and refined organizational skills. With strong work ethics and the inimitable aptitude of managing expectations, each team member has a significant role. Unity while striving for excellence is their company culture, the core belief that permeates thru the team. To single out one person or the individual efforts would be counterintuitive to the whole Chatsworth ideology.

Building better with an exceptional eye for detail is Chatsworth Fine Homes’ philosophy & they are dead serious about what they do.

   Although there is a core leadership team at Chatsworth who carefully orchestrate and direct the myriad of individual tasks ensuring they are completed meticulously, the team as a whole is focused on the goal at hand in which they are continuously challenged to excel and exceed previous achievements as the bar is raised on every project. Together everyone achieves more, thus all trades they work with are part of their team and a reflection of the whole. The Chatsworth brand of professionalism is carried through all aspects of a project.


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