condensation on my windows!

condensation 300x223 - condensation on my windows!

Moisture forms on the cold surface of windows

……with the recent cold snap, winter came in with a veritable ROAR! We thought we’d share some of our recent observations in dealing with condensation on windows and pass along some simple tips. As we build custom homes in Oakville, the information refers to the Oakville area known as climate zone 5 but the principles apply equally to any area.

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Cold Weather Concrete

As the winter sets in early this year in Southern Ontario our project building another custom home in  Oakville requires some extra care! The main floor is a composite poured concrete floor system, curing and cold weather measures need particular attention. Read More

Duct sealing pays dividends again

We’ve talked about sealing  ducts in previous articles, if you missed it what you need to know is that besides being a code requirement its another step up in making your home comfortable. In our recent Mississauga custom home build we brought in Aeroseal to seal the ducts . If you look closely at the illustration you’ll see how much improvement proper duct sealing achieves 36% increase in efficiency.

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Expert Witness

After waiting what seems like years to get the building permit, it finally arrives! The beginning of a new build is marked by excitement that can reach fever pitch. Homeowners say goodbye to the old as the wrecking ball arrives and their home is demolished to make way for the new build! Excavating starts! Lots of action! Noise and big machines! It’s surely a time when optimism runs high, finally seeing some concrete steps, in what was up till now just a “dream” of a luxury home.

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Housing Market

Do I Buy or Build my new home? Or hide my money in the mattress?………for the few fortunate enough to have the where-with-all to entertain this question a dilemma quickly presents itself…. Do I sink my life savings into my new home or listen to the news portending disaster and so hang tight and rent?

housingmarket1 - Housing MarketAs property values have risen appreciably in the past, Canadians see their home as a store of wealth that continues to be the only asset that’s increase in value enjoys tax exempt status. Boomers retiring in recent years have realised the windfall that results from years of sitting on the nest-egg we call home. To many it appears a prudent move to invest in a larger home with sights set on the future yield that will hopefully be a fund for retirement. However, Robert Schiller the Nobel laureat joined the red flags and warnings with a “bubbly “ characterization of the Toronto and Vancouver markets in Oct 2017 pointing to a potential housing market correction. Regardless, the juggernaut that is Canada’s real estate market appears, for now at least, to be continuing ahead. With dire and foreboding warnings from the press in spring of 2017, the market seemed to defy the grim predictions and made something of a “soft landing” by the summer. A landing engineered by Government measures introduced to quell burgeoning house prices, fueled by speculative investors. This phenomenon is pronounced particularly in Toronto and Vancouver where housing appears to be out of reach for millenials budding to mount the real estate ladder.

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Canada turns 150 and is still a “breath of fresh air” to new immigrants

Canada turned 150 this year; for the Chatsworth Team as with many Canadians, a big birthday like this for our nation means a lot. It’s a time to reflect on the great country we live in and how far we’ve come to be what we are now.

“I think we’re coming of age as a country,” said Fil Capuano, CEO of Chatsworth. “It seems we’ve spent generations living in the shadow of the US, and before that, Britain. I think a milestone like this helps us realize we can stand on our own feet as a culture.”

Canada has become what it is now after centuries of immigrants from all over the world building up homes and settlements, into town and cities.

As builders, the Chatsworth Team all feel that we are carrying on that very Canadian tradition. We have always taken pride in building homes that represent long term value, something that is not just a house, but a lasting legacy. “Building just seems [like] a Canadian thing to do,” Capuano remarked. He believes that the building of solid homes is something that has defined this country since the first settlers arrived on this soil.

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Net Zero ready homes are here – are you ready?

Cast your minds back to the ’70s, the days of Abba, Grease and Bell bottoms, the latest cars being sold with seat belts, claiming compliance to “California Motor vehicle standards”. At that time seat belts in cars and similarly crash helmets for a motorcycle rider were felt, by many, to be overweening laws restricting personal freedoms. Roll forward to the new millennium and those, now seemingly arcane, attitudes are playing out in the current debate on Building Code changes in housing. Many resistant to change bemoan the constant code updates requiring greater rigor and the accompanying continuous upgrading required for builders and professionals to keep abreast. Is this progress or some green-crazed hippy shangrila?

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“ Our second floor is boiling in the summer and the basement is FREEZING! ”

“ Our second floor is boiling in the summer and the basement is FREEZING!”

hvac 1 - “ Our second floor is boiling in the summer and the basement is FREEZING! ”In the dog days of July, this often-heard lament from sleep deprived, disappointed homeowners resonates with some of our childhood experiences. Back in the day, the only solution in high summer was to go into the basement for a restful sleep, unless you were among the privileged who had AC in the 60’s and 70’s; a luxury we now take for granted. So, what can you do about it? There are a many potential sources of heat loss and heat gain affecting the comfort of your home:

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BILD Announces “Best of the Best” 2017

BILD best of the best - BILD Announces "Best of the Best" 2017


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